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What is conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce is the practice of engaging the customers and selling your products and services via online tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and live support.

Customers can create shopping carts and make one-click purchases using this technology via platforms with widespread adoption like WhatsApp to purchase products or services, by simply chatting with sales agents while businesses gain the ability to manage their sales processes more quickly and profitably by conversing directly with their customers.

Integrate your customer communication channels into your support processes with Desk360 and increase your sales with conversational commerce.

Incorporate the conversational commerce model into your online store

Integrate the conversational commerce model into your business and provide your customers visiting your online store with highly personalized experiences.

Enrich your live support channels with the dialog-based commerce model.

Reduce cart abandonment and boost your online sales right away.

Get feedback from your customers by asking them about their experience.

Analyze your customers' purchase history to make new recommendations.

Acquire new customers and build brand loyalty by retaining existing customers.

Conversational Commerce

Discover the conversational commerce model with Desk360

Allow your customer service representatives to guide customers who are interested in purchasing products or services from your company and provide them with a proactive sales experience with Desk360. Engage in one-on-one conversations with your customers using Desk360’s multi-channel and integrated live support systems, and increase the efficiency of your sales processes.

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